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How to find your point of difference in your Market to Increase Sales

People are faking things nowadays and always trying to be like everybody else, the sad truth is, everyone is taken. If you try to copy A, maybe there are tens of thousands copying A.

You need to really find your voice if you want to really survive. You are a unique person and a very unique human being which can also be applied to your business. YOUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE

Let me also drop this, when you are applying a point of difference, the price does not really matter, what matters is the problem you are trying to solve and the promise you are making.

Yeah of course before you enter a market, you need to find a price of entry, for example, a sachet of water cost #10, that’s the price of entry (#10). But the point of difference can be maybe how chilled the water is in an environment where there is no constant light.

Its just more like finding a problem and providing a very unique solution, well it doesn’t have to be unique that much if you are the first person to proclaim it. For example; First Bank – First Bank of Nigeria., yeah something like that.

Do you understand?

Your point of difference can be exceptional customer service (Access Bank is very poor at this), same-day installation, money-back guarantee (I am always surprised that some Nigerian vendors on Instagram always put No refund).

That’s a very bad kind of marketing or business. You need to take away every doubt your customer is having, a pinpoint problem, and give them your unique sweet easy solution.

Look for another example, most tailors are always disappointing their customers, if you are a tailor you can just say, we deliver on the due day or we pay back double of the work fee

And also you can compare yourself to the lead market. For example, we have different kinds of Oil, vegetable, refined, coconut, etc and they have their own effect. You can find the danger of any oil that’s well used and compare it with your own oil that does the body no danger.

  • why this have much calories vs why yours have less calories
  • why this is bad to drink vs why yours is good to drink

of course, give reasons.

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Even HP also compares itself to Apple. Because Apple is the lead market, they find something Apple is not doing very well and they perfected it on their own.

You find a problem that’s so common in your niche, you then find a point of difference to help your customers be like hmm, I think this is a better deal or product or service.

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