Info Product Profits in 30 Days or Less

Course creation: Learn exactly how to build a six-figure online business by creating and selling online courses in 30days or Less

Hey Entrepreneur!  

Have you always wanted to create a digital product?! Have you been unsure how to do it and need guidance? Here is WHY you need to create your own digital products:

- They are the BEST form of passive income

- It is a perfect compliment to whatever product or service you currently provide

- Once you create it, It can always SELL!

If you're here, it means to you are ready to create and sell your own ebooks, courses and webinars. This 30 day class was created to help you do just that!

I have made multiple seven figures selling courses, ebooks, templates and other digital products as a full time entrepreneur.  If I can do this, YOU CAN TOO!

Our Focus is to launch, market and make profit from our ebook or online course in 30days or less

In Info Product Profits in 30 Days or Less Program, I will teach you how to :

  • Day 1 – Brainstorm Niches: A lot of people tell you to follow your passion. The cliché is to “Do what you love and the money will follow.” It’s not a bad idea, but it isn’t complete either. I definitely wouldn’t suggest going into a market you hate. In this Day 1 lesson, I share with you how to brainstorm million naira ideas  
  • Day 2 – Follow the Money: Follow the money. Since we’re focusing on an information business, we want to confirm customers are actively buying information products on the subject. In this lesson, I share with you how to do research on profitable ideas and make money
  • Day 3 – Reverse Engineer the Competition: In this lesson, I share with you how to do research and reverse engineer your competitors. How to find a loophole in the market and try to make yours better. 
  • Day 4 – Know your Target Audience Element: It’s impossible to sell to “everyone.” It’s also one of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make. In this lesson, I will be sharing with you how to know your target audience very well than your competitors
  • Day 5 – Get to Know More About your Niche: The best way to remove yourself from today’s ‘Commodity Economy’ is to position yourself as a trusted adviser in your field of expertise. In this lesson, I share with you a better view of understanding your niche
  • Day 6 – Get to Know More About your Niche Part 2: Understanding what makes your niche, the categories and sub section and how to use 3 free tools for your research with images 
  • Day 7 – What Next to do to help your Audience for “Quick” Wins: In this lesson, we’re going to take a little detour and focus on giving customers a QUICK WIN. What is the fastest and easiest way to deliver the end results your customers are looking for? Exactly how to create a quick win for your audience
  • Day 8 – Create Your Godfather Offer: Your irresistible offer connects your unique promise with the price you’re offering and any guarantee you use to back up your promises. In this lesson, I share with you how to create your own offer better than anyone in the market
  • Day 9 – Come Up with Initial Contrarian Content:  How does your signature system differ from the competition? What do you do differently? In this lesson, I share with you how to come up with contents that's gonna blow your prospect's mind and get you sales
  • Day 10 – Install Your Blog: Today you’re going to get your website up. You don’t need anything fancy in the beginning. Well this is optional, But I share with you how to create your own blog in 3 simple steps
  • Day 11 – Choose Your Traffic Source and Prepare: The fastest way to generate sales is through your own list or joint ventures. But if you’re just starting out, you don’t have a list. In this lesson, I share with you how to choose  a perfect traffic source for your info product
  • Day 12 – Create Your Free eBook or free consultation: What you need to put into your free ebook or consultation and also showing a sample of my page that have generated me over 7 figures.  
  • Day 13 – Write Your Free Content Piece: How to develop your free content piece in less than 30 minutes to warm up your prospects
  • Day 14 – Setup Your Autoresponder & First 3 Messages: The money is in your relationship with a list. I share with you how to setup your autoresponder and also how your first 3 messages should be like for maximum profit.
  • Day 15 – Create Your Landing Page & Thank You Page: Creating your own landing and thank you page and what it needs to contain for higher conversion
  • Day 16 – Start Your First Ad Campaign: It’s time to start advertising. In this lesson, I share with you how to run your first Ad on Facebook for your info product
  • Day 17 – Set-up Social Media Sites: How to connect your social media sites to each other for free traffic.
  • Day 18 – Ad Testing Phase: Rarely do paid ads succeed right out of the gate. Instead, it’s your consistent optimization that creates the results. In this lesson, I share with you how to optimize your ads for best performance
  • Day 20 – Begin Producing DAILY Content: As a ‘trusted adviser,’ you need to put out consistent content for your audience. I share with you the kind of content that will turn to sales
  • Day 21 – Follow Influential In Your Niche: How to keep up with the trend by looking at what the influential in your niche are doing.
  • Day 22 – Organize Free Class on Whatsapp to Share Values: How to organize a free class on WhatsApp. My exact guide that made me over N500K in a 2days class 
  • Day 23 – Review Advertising Cost: How is your advertising going? How much does each lead cost? Exactly how to review your ad cost. Is it to kill an ad or feed it with more money. You will learn all about that in this lesson
  • Day 24 – Participate in Discussions: How to establish yourself in discussion groups. What exactly you are meant to do​​​​
  • Day 25 – Send Interview Requests: How you can work with an expert in your niche, with a sample mail you can send
  • Day 26 – Review Advertising Numbers: Focus attention again today on reviewing your advertising. In this lesson, I share with you another thing you need to check on your ad just to make sure you are having result
  • Day 27 – Create Selling Mechanism Law for 1st Paid Product: My formula for success online includes ACTIVE + PASSIVE income. This is where you create your own paid product and exactly how to do that with selling mechanism law
  • Day 28 – Write Initial Sales Copy: How to write effective sales copy for your paid product. Learn how to use formulas, templates and cheat sheets to write quality copy (for all mediums) that people will pay for.  
  • Day 29 – Set-up Sales Page & Funnel: The Next Lesson is Setting Up your Sales Page and Funnel and how to set it
  •  Day 30 – Announce Your Product: This is the last when we announce our paid product. Things you need to do before and after announcing your product.

It's time for you to take part and learn how to create your own digital product and start making sales. It’s a BILLION dollar industry and you are going to be a part of it!

Get the course on sale now before the price goes back up!

Can't wait for you to create your digital products!

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