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Oyejobi Adeola

Hi, I'm O​yejobi Adeola. I'm here to teach you how to break free from 9-5 job and start living the internet lifestyle.

What People Say About Me

He is one of the best Digital Marketing Expert in Nigeria. I have been leverage his knowledge of online business to make consistent income of about $700 monthly. With the kind of content he has with him , give him a trial to mentor you for awhile, you discover he preach what he knows and practice it.

Ajagbe Ishaq Adedeji

Digital Marketer

Thank you so much coach I’m really grateful
I enrolled for his training looking at 2years and comparing it to now just want to say that it’s been a great journey.
I’m happy I took this opportunity which I have used over the years to make my first 6 figures online and also impacted in to the lives of my students.

Ichie John

Founder of

Listening and learning from this man has changed my view of life and made me better equipped for the life of online business. I recommend you do too. 

Joshua Adepoju

Oyejobi Adeola is an exceptional and an outstanding digital marketer and coach.
I have learnt a lot from him which has contributed to my own business and self-esteem growth.. 

Bola Ayomi

Social Media Marketer

Through the words of wisdom and exception guidance, you turned us into a capable entrepreneurs.
You are a remarkable boss and mentor, also the most aspiring boss and mentor anyone could ask for.

Brain Tech

Founder of braintech

I want to kindly appreciate your kindly gestures in helping people online...God bless you real good.
I just want to tell you that yesterday I closed a deal of helping a company to manage their site and they will be paying me 500k monthly buh there are some bonuses that are attached to it as well


The simplest coach with proven track records anyone can follow. Thank you


As a life coach, I was looking for a way to take my message of Impact to people that needs it. Just an ebook make the difference in just one week. It was what generated my first online income. That was the opening of a big way for me. Oyejobi course is simple to learn and bring result in days if you can implement them

Prince Ogunmokun

Life Coach

I have learnt a lot from your posts and generated over 6-figures from it too from February that I started checking your posts...
You're the Best sir

Godspower Success

Boss I want to use this opportunity to thank you special for all you do. You made my journey of making money Online so easy and fast. First your WhatsApp status is so informative, educative and enlighten.
I got your course after following your status where you talked about how to sell your knowledge and make money with gave us tips on how to effectively advertise with whatsapp TVs.
so far I have made 6 figures over and over just with information marketing*

Uche David

Oyejobi Adeola is well versed in the digital world. His teachings are practical and relatable. The teachings on marketing and copywriting and closing deals online have been of immense help for me. From time to time, I have applied them as a student and gotten awesome results and awesome feedbacks. He is definitely a guru in Digital marketing!


Founder of Big Idea Forum

Big thanks to Oyejobi Adeola for this support and guidance in my business.
He has given me in depth knowledge of skills I need in order to succeed in any business and field I chose to be.
And with this great experience and guidance... I've been able to scale my information marketing business high and made me generate over 7 figures from information marketing alone.
I'm happy I got to meet him and also learn from him also


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The Ultimate Guide to making Seven-figure monthly Income On the internet and living the lifestyle you want

And also enjoy my $39 monthly newsletter for free on how to generate more leads, sales in your business using my equity based system