Traffic Avalanche: Get Your First 1000 customers from your eBooks/online course

How to acquire your first 1,000 customers using WhatsApp, Facebook Ad, PPC, Email Marketing & more 

Ideas Worth Millions of Naira won't make it self without marketing- Yeah they left this out when teaching you how to sell your knowledge.

Dear Content Creator,

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • Have you launched a course and you are finding it difficult to get sales?
  •  Or maybe you don't even know how to get people to see your offer.
  • You have a good product, but you aren't getting any visits or any sales.
  • You know a lot of people talking about getting sales with Whatsapp, Facebook Ad, Google Ad, & Email Marketing, but you have no idea how they are pulling the strings

It looks confusing right? 

I know. 

I was also like that 6 years ago when I started information marketing; I thought it was so easy as those internet marketer do say... “Create a product that people want and sell it” I tried it out but I couldn’t make up to 10 sales of the E-book.

I wasn’t able to get sufficient traffic that would do the buying,

I started testing different methods, they kept failing until I tested this very one I would be giving you access to very soon. And that was the end of crying for traffic...

I was cashing out above 100,000naira per month then and now I’m doing more than a 7-digit income monthly just through the method I am about to share with you in 2mins

I have been looking for a way round FB ads,  I have paid for courses from different gurus, I won't mention names so as not to cause any issue, But this ebook. I must say has beaten all I have learnt from this guys...

I am glad I got it. Thank you so much for putting heart to this. Because now, I can boldly say there will be an increase in my Ads Conversions

Course Creator


Those making millions from the product they created didn’t focus much on the product but how they can sell even while asleep and the foundation is to be able to get consistent traffic Which I would be showing you how to do it using my secret method..

You might be surprised who is this 8-figure information marketer

I started an online business far back in 2010 and I actually started with blogging. For example, if you go on Google right now and type my name “OYEJOBI ADEOLA, you're gonna see a lot of my works.

I started as a blogger and for me to earn from blogging, I need to learn how to drive traffic.
No one's gonna send traffic to your blog if you don’t go out and drive the traffic yourself.

Generating traffic is not self driving or some sorts then, I have to put a lot of work to finally make it work.

But before this, there were months of hassle because how could I have created valuable content and no one for some months is even coming to see what I wrote, it was disheartening I must say.

Bought bots traffic, posted my course & content in facebook groups (got removed for self promotion), tried follow for follow on twitter (oh that shit aren't good for sales).

Mehn, I was just looking for people to even see my blog that's all, to see what I have to offer to trigger them to buy. But if they can't see, how can they buy it?

It took me lots of time because I was actually looking for a shortcut to earn this money (I bet you are not looking for one, because fuck that shit wont get you anywhere).

I decided to quit the unfruitful way of getting traffic and views to my course and blog and follow the right way. 

After some months of hard work, I started receiving quite a number of visits to my blog and that helped me increase my earnings then. It simply means traffic is sales. No traffic = No sales.

During traffic generation to my blog then, I was using mainly three platforms to drive these traffics which are Facebook ad, Google Ad & email marketing.

It was so soothing because most of my traffic was converting. In fact, I helped others to generate sales by running Facebook ads, Google Ads and sending promotional mail to their subscribers with my agency

This was a lifetime thing because I just got a secret to generate traffic and convert those traffic to sales. It was amazing.

Just more like they gave me a printing machine, I could print money any time by running these ads, not any kind of ad, a very converting ad.

And that secret is what I am about to share with you

Are you still with me?

Alright let's go

Three years back around 2018, I came on WhatsApp mainly to connect with like minds and I got to know i have just few contacts and less than 10 views.

I thought, should I bring those that knew me to WhatsApp so they can start viewing my status? 

The Turning Story

I was on this thought for days when I finally decided to start this WhatsApp audience from scratch and lo & behold, it grew more than my expectation and I had over 5K contacts within just some months.

Take note, this is not contact files or any of the sorts of things people do nowadays to make sales. By the way, you can't make a dime by trying to save contacts from contact files.

You need to find people that will be interested in your offer and that's exactly what I am going to be teaching you.

But wait, you’ve followed me to this place, that shows you really want to know how to do this. Kudos to you but wait a little more, I wanna share a secret that many don't know.
I wanna know
How much have you made in this business of yours?

N20k? N30K, 100K?, N300K? Oh or N1M or maybe lesser than all these I mentioned

The story can change by implementing this tactic to be able to run traffic that converts to sales from method I am about sharing with you.

This is not some gimmicks or some sort of shortcuts. This is a real way to generate traffic that converts to sales for your course.



Traffic Avalanche: Instantly generate traffic that turns to customers, that's the motto. An instant traffic generation that could bring more sales.

Let me give you some of the things you will find in the Traffic Avalanche course..

  1. 1
    How to generate traffic through WhatsApp: WhatsApp has the highest traffic currently and you can easily interact with your audience. I would teach you how I was able to make N500,000 within 5 days just through WhatsApp
  2. 2
    Facebook Ads: How to Run Profitable Ads with Facebook for your ebook/online course
  3. 3
    How to sell through Google Ads: This is one of the reasons you should get this course. I could be so certain that you don’t know how to run Google Ads. Google ads give high
    quality than any other platform. I would let you know the secret hack in using Google Ads to selling your product almost immediately.
  4. 4
    How to create Lifetime sales through Email Marketing: If you want to continue to sell to the same person for years, email marketing is the way. I see some folks using this but they are doing it the wrong way. You will learn how to use the right funnel and also market easily through emails.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

This Traffic Avalanche book is value packed. A must read for every online business owner. 

I said "every online business owner" because strategies shared in this book can work for any kind of business and not just limited to people selling digital product. From WhatsApp to Facebook Ad to Google Ad and Email marketing(The real deal) . Every business needs to leverage on these tools to make more sales in their businesses and Traffic Avalanche is your only way. And one thing I like about this book that will make me recommend it for people is the Simplicity you put in this book. So simple to understand. No unnecessary complicated words. Straight to the point. A newbie that's getting started as an Entrepreneur or business owner will read it once and understand. I love this book

Social Media Marketer and Content Creator

“Here's what the perfect testimonial looks like..."

It was so thorough and it was just too thorough. Like too clear. Like you took your time to write every step in detail. As if you were speaking right in front of me breaking it all down. You took your time to put it in layman words 

Even a newbie like me after reading this Ehn can even hold conversations about traffic conversion and all it takes with the different courses used to drive that traffic. Like you broke WhatsApp down , Facebook, google and even email marketing inside one place

Samantha Allen
- Job Title or Role

These are just a tip of the iceberg of what you would learn through the TRAFFIC AVALANCHE COURSE;

Let us consider two seller, they are both selling their product at the rate of N5,000. The first only
had 50 people to sell to, if he is a great marketer, 5 people would buy and he would end up making N25,000

The second seller had 1000 people to sell to, if he performs his marketing well and 4% ends up buying, that’s 40 people, he would make N200,000 naira. If he spend 20,000naira on
advertisement, he would still have a profit of N180,000

The second seller is a typical example of successful information marketer like Oloye Akin
Alabi, Toyin Omotoso and I...

The secret I put forward in the Traffic avalanche course had cost some people 100,000naira.
Some had paid close to 50,000naira to get access to it.

This is just to show you how premium the secret is but I won’t give it to you at that price because I want to reward you for being able to create a course you wish to sell

If you click the Get access button below now, you would only have to pay 5,000naira which is
less than 670naira per day for 30days.

But you won’t only have access to the Traffic avalanche package, you would also have access to;


1. Email Support on Sales & Marketing that have generated me over N70M Selling Online Course

2. One-On-One Support: My consultation fee is N500,000k for any business you are venturing into but if you get the Traffic avalanche course now, I would consult for your course for free just to make sure you make enough sales.

When you calculate the price of all the packages you are getting is worth more than 200,000k
But you are getting the course at just N20,000

Let me sweeten the deal for you a bit, If you get the course between the next 48 hours, you would need to pay just N10,000...

Yes, I’m giving you a discount of N10,000 for the next 48hours and when I mean 48hours, it’s
truly 48hours, not more than that...

If you miss it within the next 48 hours, you would never see this course at the rate of N10,000
and it would cost you N20,000 to get it.

After 7 days, it would cost you N40,000 to get access to it and very soon, you won’t see the
course again...

When it comes to sharing secrets, I only give access to few people and I might decide to shut
down the page before the end of 48hours if 100 people get the course before the end of the

Your 100% guarantee of satisfaction!
You have a 3-month guarantee; if you go through the course and you don’t enjoy it or you feel
it’s worthless,

Just ask for a full refund – And you’ll get every penny of your money back.
No hard feeling, No remorse.

I’ll respect your decision, no matter what..
And you can keep everything I’m sending today...

Oyejobi Adeola

Creator of Traffic Avalanche

About the Author

Hey there, I am Oyejobi Adeola, a digital marketing specialist and online business coach, and I own a making money online blog and, a digital marketing agency in Nigeria. I started an online business 2010 and fast forward till today, I have generated over N70M in sales. 

I created this course to help people make money online by selling their information. The truth is, many have what to sell, but only few know how to market it. As a marketing specialist, I want to solve that problem for you today. To teach you how to create & market a  course and start making money in less than 30days.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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